How to ask Tarot Questions...

Your question/s can be about Spirituality, Career, Love, or Anything Where You Need Guidance.  Please be as specific as you can to get the best answers. The only questions I will not answer are when asking about another person's private business, or in regards to health. These topics may come up in readings, but I do not go looking for this information on purpose.

Question Examples:  - What can I do to love myself? - How can I find the perfect job for me? - What blockages am I missing in my love life? - What can I do to improve my wellbeing? - How can I resolve this issue with a client? - How can I be a better partner (love or career)? - Am I close to achieving my career goal? - What should I focus on to improve (or maintain) my family relationships? - How can I make more friends? - Why am I struggling so much with my partner? - How can I make the right choice for my best path in life? - What are my weaknesses when it comes to my career? - What false beliefs do I have about myself? - What lesson should I learn from this mistake (love or career)? - Or make your own!

Frequently Asked Q's

How Do I Get My Reading?  You will receive a link to your Reading via E-mail within 2-3 business days after receipt of payment and your question/s. Please include the best E-Mail For Delivery and Write Your Question/s in the NOTES section when paying to prevent delays. 

How Long Is the Reading?  Finished readings vary from 5-20 minutes depending on how many questions you ask, how specific they are, and how specific the reading wants to be!

Do You Offer Free Readings? I post free general and zodiac specific readings to my YouTube Channel - "Sacred Cherry Tarot". You can subscribe to the channel for FREE! Written readings and other FREE content can be found on my Instagram - @SacredCherryTarot.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!  Love Your Reading or Your Money Back!